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      The BLARK concept was defined in a joint initiative between ELSNET (European Network of Excellence in Language and Speech) and ELRA (European Language Resources Association) [Krauwer, 1998] and first launched with a Dutch initiative called Dutch Human Language Technologies Platform that was initiated in April 1999. Then, in the framework of the ENABLER thematic network (European National Activities for Basic Language Resources -Action Line: IST-2000-3.5.1), ELDA elaborated a report defining a (minimal) set of LRs to be made available for as many languages as possible and mapping the actual gaps that should be filled in so as to meet the needs of the HLT field.

      A good illustration of the BLARK concept is the work done to gather information about Arabic resources within the NEMLAR project [Maegaard, 2004].

      The BLARK concept may be extended to many other languages and this is the aim of the present web site.